Why do I want to join NYSalsababy Dance Lessons? Because we're all about having fun while learning. Small group classes to focus on proper dance etiquettes and basic partner dance techniques. We take one baby step at a time, and we'll grow with big strides!  ~ if u can walk u can Salsababy!


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How do I register for a cycle of beginner lessons?
All 8-week beginner courses are confirmed via e-mail. Discounted beginner package is offered at $120 per person that includes 8 weeks of dance instructions, plus a FREE timing practice & Salsa music CD. Email to sign up for the next cycle at nysalsababy@yahoo.com.

Is previous Salsa or dance experience necessary?
No Salsa or any dance background is necessary. We build a solid foundation of Salsa basic steps and partner work in our progressive Beginner Salsa 8 week Programs.

I have two left feet, how long will it take me to learn?
It depends on one’s abilities, expectations, budgets and time put into practice.  After completion of a beginner cycle, one should be able to execute some basic shines and simple turn patterns. To speed up learning, taking private lessons are highly recommended for one-to-one detailed guidance. Practice makes perfect, so keep up with classes and social dancing!

How big is each class?
Each cycle is limited a maximum 25 people. We offer our students small classes to ensure focus on individual guidance and partnerwork details.

Can I still join the 8-week cycle if I miss the 1st class?
New comers who wants to join the current cycle (if there're open spots) can still join us for a discounted beginner rate. (Rate is not prorated, but still a bargain compare to drop-in rate). Registration and discount will be closed after 2nd class.

What if I sign up for a session of classes and have to miss a class or two?
If you missed a class during a cycle, you can attend a make-up class during the same week/same level or at next beginner cycle.
Leftover classes from current cycle are not transferable to higher level classes.

What are the refund policies?
There’re no refund for missed classes and beginner packages. Our discounted beginner rate is a bargain, compared to single class rates. If you know you'll missing more than 2 classes in a cycle, you have the option of paying by single class.

Do you offer beginner class on other days? And can I drop-in anytime?
NYSalsababy Dance Lessons are also taught at Session 73 (Monday @ 8:30pm) and Club Retreat (Wednesday @ 6:30pm) . No need to sign up, just drop-in and be ready to learn some basic moves and dance! Full details at SCHEDULE page.

Are there more women or men in the classes?
Each cycle varies, but we try to maintain a good balance of leaders and followers. If there are extra leaders or followers,
each should stand between two couples in the rotation.
The extra leader or follower will get a partner in the next rotation.

I don’t have a dance partner…is it necessary to bring a partner to class?
No need to bring partners. We are here to meet new friends and dance! We rotate frequently in class so that everyone will have ample time to practice with a partner. If we happen to have an imbalance, extra people just wait in between couples and you're be with a partner in the next rotation.

I have a steady dance partner, do I have to rotate?
Rotating is not mandatory, but rotating partners has been proven to help one's dancing. Everyone has a different style
and changing partners will enforce proper leading and following. We reunite all original partners
at the last 5 minutes of class,
so that they dance together before class is dismissed.

Should I take private lessons or group classes?
Some people wants to learn their first steps in private, then join the progressive group cycle. Some completed group classes and has the need to brush up details with private lessons. Whichever the case, private lessons are customized to your comfort zone. Be sure to inform the instructor about your specific needs. Each session will be more productive if we work as a team.

What does it mean to dance “on 2”? 
To dance on2 means that we break on the 2nd and 6th beat of the clave-based music. The music we dance to is counted in 2 four-beat measures (4/4 time) and we dance 3 beats to each measure. Or dance 6 beats to 8-counts (123, 567). “Break step” is the rock step that we change the direction of our momentum.  “On2” is commonly used when describing NY Club-style Salsa and we teach that style exclusively in our group classes.

What are fancy footwork aka “Shines”?
Shines are solo footwork patterns done by leaders and followers, that can be done independently (away from partner) or within the partner work. Open shines are also known as “floor work” which allows self-expression and creativity to shine on your own! 
Beginner Shines, Styling & Spinning class is offered on Tuesdays at 8:30pm for Salsa 1 beginners going to Salsa 2 level students who wish to add flair and spice to their dancing.

I am of PR/Dominican decent who has rhythm, but lack partnership skills and Salsa basics. Where I should begin?
Musicality and rhythm are important to dancing, but knowing the proper steps to move to the music is the key. If you are an absolute beginner who has never Salsa before, I highly recommend learning from the beginning. Our 8-week progressive cycle will guide you thru each step and turn to build a solid foundation for Salsa partner dancing.

I only know one kind of Salsa dancing, which I just dance to the music. Are there other styles?
There’re many styles of Salsa dance: NY Club-style, Cuban-style, LA Style, Ballroom Style, Palladium-style, and break steps could be on 1, on 2 , on 3. We specialize on NYon2 Club-style Salsa in group classes, but we do offer other Salsa styles in private lessons and specialized workshops.

I am an Intermediate dancer "On1", what level class should I take?
We recommend taking Beginner Salsa 1 or 2 class and progress to the next level. There are many basic fundamentals, spin turns and floor shines dancing "On2", which are covered in both beginner classes. Once familiar and getting comfortable with those 2 levels, feel free to move on to Intermediate 3 & Performance class levels. Drop-in are welcome to try out single class before committing to a full cycle.

I have experience in casino-style Salsa (from Miami) and I would say I am at a high intermediate or low advanced level. What is your advice on which class to take?
We recommend taking Salsa 2 Advanced Beginner class on Tuesday at 8:10pm. This class is basic enough to get you up to speed with all the fundamentals of NYon2 steps and shines, yet won't bored you with baby steps in absolute beginner class. If you feel that you can master all the steps and shines in a few classes, then move on to Salsa 3 Intermediate class which is much more challenging with dynamic and directional changes in partner work.

Where can I practice my moves or go dancing where it's not intimidating?
Students are encouraged to attend practice sessions on Tuesdays from 9:30-10:30pm. Each guided practice is $5 at Champions Studio 257 W.39 Street, 14/floor (buzz 012 for building entry), NYC.

NYSalsababy Dance Lessons are also taught at clubs and lounges where students can refresh their steps or practice their moves dancing to Latin LIVE bands every week. Join us at  Meetup & Dance for weekly parties.

Who will be teaching the classes?
Cynthia La China is currently teaching all classes with assistance from her dance partner, Hector Pena, who offers men’s styling, body movements and advanced spinning and leading techniques. Other guest instructors are invited for specialized classes and master workshops periodically.

What should I wear to class?
There're really no dress codes, except to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Bring a change of clothing or towel for Level 2 & above classes. We'll have a good workout!

Do I need special shoes?
Beginners can start with street shoes that has ankle-straps with medium-height heels or any flat-bottom shoes. Avoid wearing shoes that have thick rubber soles such as sneakers, clogs, combat boots. You will learn pivoting and spinning technique that will require shoes with smooth bottom, leather soles, very thin rubber bottoms or dress shoes that you normally wear to go out dancing. No flip-flops or open sides please.

Where can I get my first pair of suede-soled dance shoes?
A wide selection of different styles and brands and somewhat lower prices can be found at Worldtone Music & Dance Showroom, located at
230 Seventh Avenue (between 23rd and 24th Streets), 2nd floor, NYC. Make sure you get the suede-bottom Latin shoes, instead of leather-bottom tango shoes.

Exotic Salsa Shoes is an online store that offers very reasonable prices with no shipping & handling policy. Although shoes are not top quality-made, they serve well as beginner starter shoes. http://www.exoticsalsashoes.com

How big is the studio space?
Our medium-size studio space fits about 12-15 couples comfortably. We have A/C, a big cooling fan and open windows for air-circulation. At times, the room gets hot due to body heat generated by dance excitement. Just be sure to bring a towel after our dance workout!

What benefits do I receive from partner dancing?
Dancing is fun!  It releases stress and it tones the body. Partner dancing is the first step of social activity which connects one to other people, builds confidence, improves personality, brings in new friends and enhances social lives. It opens up a fun new world of togetherness and a thriving year-round social calendar.

Anything else I need to know about classes?
Personal hygiene and dance etiquette are very important, since we have a lot of contact during partner dancing. If one tends to sweat a lot, bring a towel or an extra t-shirt to change. Use generous amounts of deodorant and a little touch of fragrance if needed. Chewing gum is not appropriate in class, but one can always pop a breath mint in the mouth.

Try to be in class on time - the beginning of each class is always basic steps/turns reviews - for those who need the extra drill time, the first 15 minutes are not to be missed!

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