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LSD PROJECTS & LATIN SOUL DANCE ENTERTAINMENT provides professional dance shows fusing Afro Caribbean & Latin Jazz rhythms in Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Guajira, Cuban Son, Bachata with Tango, Flamenco, Ballroom and Afro Cuban influences. Our company has graced numerous stages at multi-cultural dance festivals, salsa congresses, artistic & cultural venues, corporate events and at private parties for up close and personal dance entertainment.

LSD Projects also offer group workshops, guests dance services, motivation dance lessons and cultural dance workshops for libraries, galleries, museums and public spaces. Email us for booking and availability for your event at nysalsababy@gmail.com

LSD Projects was co-founded by Cynthia La China & Hector el Guajiro in 2009 with the opportunity to teach and perform at The 1st Hawaii Salsa Festival, and their first Latin Jazz infused Guajira Cha Cha routine was created. Together they had traveled extensively for teaching and performance gigs in NY, NJ, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Puerto Rico, Punta Cana, DR and Canada.


Cynthia La Chinais a passionate teacher and social dancer specializing in NYon2 Mambo/ club-style Salsa and other Latin dances. A designer by day, dance coach & performer by night, she has been teaching dance, performing and choreographing routines to all ages and ethnic audiences as alternative outlets for artistic expression and creative thinking since 2000. 

Cynthia first took up Ballroom dancing and was swept away by the rhythmic flow of smooth elegant dances, however it was the flirtatious and exuberant side of Salsa that got her hooked.

With a dedication bordering on obsession, she spent all her spare time training in techniques and other dance forms in Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Flamenco, Belly dance, Ballroom, Cha Cha, African, Argentine Tango, Hustle, Swing, Salsa and especially NYon2 club-style Mambo. In fact, her trainers are Whos Who of the Best Instructors, including Eddie Torres (Pioneer of NYon2 Mambo), Duplessey Walker (Styling & Technique), Frankie Martinez (Afro Latin Funk), Jami Josephson (Ballroom & Hustle), Dave Paris (Lifts & Tricks), Michael Fielder (Latin Jazz), Amanda Estilo & Karisma Dance Studio (Styling & Partner work), SantoRico Dance School (Spin Technique), just to name a few.

Having excelled in Salsa within the first year, Cynthia was invited to perform with an all-female dance team ifrom Brooklyn in 2000. Since then she has danced and performed with many professional dance companies, including Duplessey Latin Dance Factory, ENIXE Dance, Mambo2ChaCha Dance Company, Revelation Dance Company, Michael Fielder Latin Jazz Team and Jami Josephson's Rhythm Divas.

Cynthia is now the Artistic Director for LSD Projects & LSDance Entertainment, and had traveled extensively for teaching and performance gigs in NY, NJ, CT, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Miami, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Canada and more.



Hector El Guajiro Pea
was born in Texas, and had grown up around Spanish/Mexican folklore music. Since early age, he was hooked on Cumbia dance. Coming to New York in 2000 had opened his eyes to NYon2 Salsa, and also began his Salsa/Mambo journey with "The Mambo King" Eddie Torres, and had furthered dance training with Frankie Martinez of Abakua Dance Company in Afro-Cuban movement, styling and Cha Cha Cha.

In 2004, Hector joined Revelation Dance Company as a performer and co-choreographer, and had performed in numerous Salsa festivals & congresses in Puerto Rico, L.A., Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and more. 

Hector met Cynthia in 2007, and found that they shared common goals as dancers, instructors and creative ideas as performers, choreographers. In 2009, they co-founded "Latin Soul Dance Projects & Dance Entertainment" (LSD Projects) where they draw inspirations from all dances (Afro Caribbean, Latin Jazz, Modern dance, Tango, Ballroom and Funk) to incorporate into their choreography. Together they have performed and taught at multi-cultural dance festivals, salsa congresses, cultural institutes, artistic venues, corporate venues, private clubs and entertainment venues in Hawaii, Las Vegas, NY, NJ, Boston, Washington DC, Punta Cana, DR, Canada and more.

"Having been dancing Latin dance professionally for over 10 years, I want to offer a different approach to dancing and new Ideas as a performer and instructor along with Cynthia. I want students to understand body movement after they learn the basics, so they can become an instrument in the music. They can enjoy the dance while having the freedom to have their own style with basic techniques. Cynthia and I continue to take classes in other forms of dance so that we continue to grow. And at the same time share with students our knowledge so that they can also be great dancers simply for fun or for the serious minds." ~ Hector el Guajiro


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